Byzantium in the 14th century and after many centuries of decline was reduced to a mere shadow of the once glorious Roman Empire. The last Christian emperors of the East now controlled only a tiny handful of territories, struggling to contain the advancement of the Ottoman Turks in all fronts. For many Christians of that period the end was near and their last hope was to retreat in their faith. The monastery of Ypapanti was first established during that dark period in the year 1367.

Fully constructed inside a large cavity of a rock, this monastery is very indicative of its kind, compared to the ones that are usually seen on the peaks of rocks. A monk under the name of Nilos, in the year 1367 AD, along with another monk named Cyprianus became the founders and the owners of the monastery. It was destroyed in 1809, when the local rebel and hero Papathymios Vlahavas was arrested here by the Turkish army of Ali Pasha. The pathway to this monastery is a very simple and pleasant one.

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The monastery of Ypapanti is open from Monday to Friday, from 10:00am until 2:00pm.

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