The Monasteries of Meteora

Serene, spiritual, magical, mystical, extraordinary, breathtaking, immense, inspiring, impressive. These are only some of the words people very often use in an effort to describe the Meteora phenomenon. A trip to Meteora offers the unique experience of nature’s grandeur in conjunction with history, architecture and man’s everlasting desire to connect with the Divine. From the early Christian times, the Meteora vertical cliffs were regarded as the perfect place to achieve absolute isolation, to discover peace and harmony and, thus, to support man’s eternal struggle for spiritual elevation. Meteora is a truly inspiring and sensational setting of overwhelming rock formations, but one must also be prepared to expect that this trip is much more than merely visiting an exquisite landscape. It is a pilgrimage to a holy place for all Christians around the world. Meteora has become a preservation ark for the 2000-year-old Christian Orthodox creed.

“The first monks of Meteora arrived back in the 14th century establishing an entire monastic community on top giant cliffs. They chose to do this not because it was easy but because it was hard, almost impossible. And they succeeded in this great achievement through their faith.”

“The monks separated themselves from this world; fleeing in the deserts, crossing the seas, climbing on steep and high mountains. They stop at nothing in their everlasting desire to witness the Divine Light; to experience the presence of God in their hearts.”

“The monasteries remain till present day the memorials of a glorious past, a long forgotten empire that defended the Eastern Christian world for over 1000 years. The monasteries of Meteora and the monks are today the living history of Byzantium.”

“Humble men lived suspended for centuries between the heavens and earth, perched on the edge of sharp cliffs, glorifying God for He made the earth and heavens by His power”

“The sea is His, for it was He who made it, and His hands formed the dry land and the high mountains. And men of faith then came and curved the rocks and conquered the mountains, creating temples for the worship of their God”

“…there is something majestic in the power and firmness of their faith. They have left their homes, the riches and pleasures of this world in order to grow old in these nests and caves of this earth, to suffer from cold and hunger, pain and death, perhaps to honor their God in this way…”

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