Best Meteora Outdoor Activities 


“Only by following the footsteps of holy men as far in the past as the 11th century – well away from the milling crowds of tourists – is one able to experience a different aspect of Meteora”.


As a destination, Meteora-Greece offers nowadays some of the best outdoor activities one can do in one of the most incredible sceneries in the world! That is an incredible combination for outdoor enthusiasts to pass lightly. The outdoor activities one can engage in here range from beautiful short or longer hikes to soft adventures and rock climbing.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy unsurpassed natural grandeur, a rich history, and culture, with a wide range of travel services and activities. Meteora is one of those few world sites that neither words nor pictures are possible to describe the magic and beauty of this place. Discover the caves of the hermits and follow the footsteps of the first monks to experience the splendor of nature and man.

Hanged on the edge of steep cliffs; suspended for centuries between heaven and earth, the 6 active monasteries of Meteora have become today eternal monuments of man’s determination, faith, and skills. Join us on an unforgettable journey through the different ages to discover the heart of Greece and elevate your senses to even greater heights!

Book the best outdoor experiences ever and combine amazing tailor-made activities suitable for all ages, in one of the most astonishing landscapes of the world. Have a look below at our detailed list of all outdoor activities that we offer daily around Meteora.