Metsovo is one of the most well-known big traditional villages, located at an elevation of 1.160 m.

It is situated in a wonderful part of the Pindos mountains and its locals have a long tradition in the production of top quality wood-carved items and embroideries. Today it is considered as one of the most popular ski-resorts around Greece. Metsovo is 1 hr away from Meteora.

The city of Metsovo is reported for first time in 1380 after Christ in the chronicle of brothers Proklos and Komninos. Initially it was a small settlement of shepherds. Later, because of its important geographic place, it enjoyed particular preferential treatment that contributed in its survival and accelerated the rhythms of multifarious growth in difficult times. It is reported that in 1430 after Christ privileges were granted in the people of Metsovo by the Sultan Mourat the second, as a reward of the good behaviour.

Renewal of this privileges happened in 1659 from the Sultan Mehmet the fourth. With base these privileges, the city of Metsovo and the surrounding villages Malakasi, Milia, Anilio, Votonosi, Old Koutsoufliani (Platanistos) and Derventista (Anthochorj) they constituted a kind of federation, an autonomous democratic state in the Ottoman Empire. The privileges of the city of Metsovo were suppressed in 1795 from the centralized state of Ali Pasha. Exception constituted the Exarhia, which was maintained up to 1924. In 1700 after Christ a self supported Greek school was founded in Metsovo, that was elected one of the more important centres of education, where the most important teachers of the era taught.

The city of Metsovo suffered a big destruction on 27 March 1854 from the Turkish troops of Avdi Pasha. It is the eminent Halasmos of Grivas. The progress that was made in the city of Metsovo after the destruction of Grivas, is owed to the benefactors elected to the city, who with the rich bequests that they left, they supported the city economically. The city of Metsovo was released from the Turkish on 31 October 1912 from forces of regular Greek army, Cretan volunteer soldiers and Epirus’ volunteers. Critical importance for the modern economic and cultural growth of the city of Metsovo constitutes the Institution of Michael Tositsas, that was founded in 1948, from himself with the encouragement of Evangelos Averof Tositsas.

Being the birthplace of some of the most important National Benefactors, Metsovo could not but be famous for its great cultural development. You will admire its museums, the mansions made of stone, the monasteries, the twenty traditional founts and the cobbled roads, but you may also have the chance to be there in one of the cultural events that are organized in the conference center. In addition, you will walk around and enjoy your food or coffee in the central square that is surrounded by restaurants and pretty cafes.

Finally, there are several areas around Metsovo, each of which has something special to offer. You can visit Anthochori, which has an open air museum of water-driven movement, Chrisovitsa with Panagia Monastery and its famous potatoes, the villages Anilio and Votonosi, as well as the traditional settlement of Milia on the borders of National forest.

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