Kalampaka (also spelled Kalambaka or Kalabaka) is a town of 12,000 citizens and is situated on the foot of the most extraordinary Meteora rocks.

Kalampaka is at times underestimated as merely sharing the glory of the Meteora pinnacles that spectacularly rise at the near background. However, it is a town with a very rich and long history in itself.

A Greek inscription on the wall of one of the town’s oldest churches (Saint John the Baptist) testifies the existence of an ancient Greek settlement under the name Eginio. Relics of an ancient Greek temple – probably of god Apollo – have been incorporated in the wall of the town’s oldest and most renowned 10th century church, dedicated to Virgin Mary. Historical records refer to the town’s Byzantine name as Stagi, when it had become a significant center of the Byzantine Empire.

Its modern name originates from the Turkish words kale mpak (prestigious castle), deriving from the days of the dominion of the Ottoman Empire. During the German Occupation of Greece, Kalampaka was burnt down by the German army in 1943 and then rebuilt.

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Don’t miss out on the town’s old picturesque district, with narrow cobble-stoned streets and traditional houses, some of them built right next to the rocks! Join a walking tour of the old town with a local guide, to discover the town’s unique beauty and history!

Local food

Home-made sausages and top-quality meat, cheese and yoghurt are highly ranked in the gastronomical list of domestic products. Don’t leave this region without trying a variety of home-made pies – the local specialty! Combine your dish of preference with a glass of house wine or a few tsipouro shots and… if you survive all the above, why not taste the regional pudding (spatoula) or some halva for a sweet aftertaste?

Local Purchases in Kalampaka

Kalampaka has a long tradition in the production of hand-made, wood-carved objects, but also in the making of religious icons that are painted by domestic artists. Some of the workshops are located outside the town’s center. Also, take a look at the local variety of embroideries, the leather-sandals shops and the local souvenir shops.

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Kalampaka is 350 km away from Athens, 238 km away from Thessaloniki and 146 km from Volos – three of the largest Greek cities. The archaeological sites of Delphi and Dion are 3 hrs and 2 hrs away respectively. For sea adventures, the village of Achillion is 2.5 hrs away, where you can catch a boat to the island of Skiathos. Alternatively, take a trip to the “Golden Beach” of Katerini which is 2hrs away.

For the lovers of mountains, Greece’s highest mountain, Olympus, is also only 2 hrs away. Check out our organized Day trip Tours for more details. For local escapes to the surrounding Pindos mountains, please refer to our special Outdoor activities section. Contact us for more information!

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