Discover all available train tours from Athens to Meteora with the best possible services and prices. Is there anything more romantic than a day trip from Athens to Meteora by train? Join one of the train tours below and enjoy the stunning landscapes of mainland Greece. Book now hassle-free, a train tour to Meteora from Athens or Thessaloniki and include train tickets, accommodation, and many different tours to join.

Extend your stay and have the chance to include a visit to the spectacular monasteries of Meteora or the archaeological site of Delphi site on the way from Athens to Meteora. Let us handle all the logistics for you of your trip to mainland Greece, so you can appreciate and enjoy more!


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Visit Meteora is fully committed to providing high-quality travel experiences and solutions to all visitors who wish to explore mainland Greece. That’s why we have introduced new train tours to Meteora connecting some of the most important and popular sites of mainland Greece: Meteora, Delphi, Thessaloniki, and Athens. By offering a broad array of travel solutions we now connect these important tourist destinations in the most efficient and cost-effective way, by train!



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