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How to travel from Meteora to Delphi

Traveling from Meteora to Delphi is a question we encounter a lot and we know it can be quite confusing at times. This blog post is meant to end that confusion.

The only reasonable way someone can get from Meteora to Delphi is by bus. Yes, we know, there is also a train that can get you up to a point but really, it is not worth it!

Now that we’ve cleared this out let’s move on to your different options. There are two ways one can get to Delphi and it all goes down on the day of your travel.

Delphi - Meteora Private Transfer

First Option: The direct bus!

The easiest and, by far, the fastest way to do this is by taking the bus from Trikala to Patras, which makes a stop at Amfissa, just ten minutes away from Delphi. It is a direct bus but it only operates on the following dates:

Departure from KALAMPAKA 
Arrival to Trikala  
Departure from Trikala 
Arrival to Amfissa
Departure from Amfissa
Arrival to DELPHI 
Thursday, Friday, Sunday 
14.00 (Sun 14.15) 15.00 15.00 18.15 18.15 18.55

Keep in mind that these routes start from Trikala and you have to take a bus from Kalampaka at least 45 minutes earlier to be on them. To catch this bus, you can take the 14:00 bus from Kalampaka on Thursdays and Fridays and the 14:15 bus on Sundays.

As you can see, you are quite limited on the days you can take it, which brings us to the second (and more common) option.

Second Option: Change buses

This option requires you to change buses at Lamia, shown in the table below:

Departure fromKALAMPAKA 
Arrival to Trikala  
Departure fromTrikala 
Arrival to Lamia 
Departure from Lamia 
Arrival to DELPHI 
every day except Sunday
9.00 9.50 10.00 11.45 12.30 14.40
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday 
14.00 (Sat 14.15) 15.00 15.30 17.15 19.00 20.55

The drive to Lamia will take approximately 2 hours. From there you can take one of the following routes to Delphi.

Again, you will need to take the bus from Kalampaka to Trikala first, which takes about 45 minutes. All the above takes a long time of waiting, upping the travel time to 7-8 hours!

The cost for the bus trip is around 25 euro.

Third Option: Let us handle everything!

If you prefer not to bother yourself with trip logistics, then you can join our 3 Days Tour from Athens to Meteora and Delphi and let us worry about everything! We will book you all the tickets needed, the hotel in Meteora and two activities here. We will even brief you on how exactly you will get from Meteora to Delphi on the third day, making your trip as hassle-free as it gets!

Delphi - Meteora Private Transfer

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  • Danny 07 / 03 / 2018

    You mean driving a rental car isn’t an option?

    • Kostas 07 / 03 / 2018

      Dear Danny,

      Of course this is an option. This blogpost covers traveling from Meteora to Delphi using public transportation.

  • Kat 13 / 03 / 2018

    Hello, my daughter and I are traveling the opposite way: from Athens to Delphi, Tuesday May 29, one night there; from Delphi to Meteora (Kalampaka) Wednesday, May 30, 2 nights there, and from Kalampaka to Athens on June 1. What are the bus/train schedules to go this way? Thank you in advance.

  • Shane 17 / 05 / 2018

    How do you book a ticket for OPTION ONE? Thanks!

  • Aparna 13 / 06 / 2018

    Hello there – This is such fabulous information. Can you let me know whether there is a way to buy the direct bus option from Kalampaka to Dephi online? I will need to take that bus this Sunday. Or can i buy it on the spot? Thank you very much!

    • Willy 16 / 08 / 2018

      tickets are bought onsite and can’t be bought online. just make sure that the last direct bus to Amfissa (2pm) will still be in Trikala since my bus from Kalambaka arrives at Trikala without seeing the bus to Amfissa (which is a town away from Delphi) through Patras. so i rode the bus to Lamia from Trikala to Delphi instead. hope this will be of help.

    • Willy 16 / 08 / 2018

      tickets are bought onsite and can’t be bought online. just make sure that the 2pm last bus to Amfissa through Patras at Trikala will still be at Trikala once the bus you’ll take, if ever, from Kalambaka reached Trikala because my bus to Amfissa through Patras from Trikala left even before my bus from Kalambaka arrived. if that happens, show your ticket and change it to one going to Lamia and from Lamia buy a ticket to Delphi. hope this will be of help.

    • Willy 16 / 08 / 2018

      tickets can only be bought onsite and not online. just make sure that, if you choose to take the 2 pm last direct bus, the bus to Amfissa through Patras from Trikala will still be in Trikala once your bus from Kalambaka arrives Trikala because the bus to Amfissa from Trikala that i should have taken left before my hus from Kalambaka arrived Trikala. if that happens to you, show your ticket to the ticket officer and have it change to Lamia and from Lamia buy a ticket to Delphi. hope this will be of help.

  • Hilda 29 / 05 / 2019

    Is this information still valid for summer 2019?

    Thank you!

  • Pere 04 / 06 / 2019

    Hi. The “direct bus” option does not appear on the KTEL-Trikala website. The most similar option arrives at Amfissa at 18:15 but depart from Amfissa at 20:00, arriving at Delphi at 20:55.


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