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How to Get to Meteora

Reaching Meteora is very easy! It offers exceptional connectivity from Athens, Thessaloniki, or any other part of Greece. Find here train and bus schedules to get to Meteora, or how to get here by car. This unique place offers relatively short travel times and distances to most of Greece’s major population centers, touristic places, and transportation hubs. It’s the ideal destination to be used as the point of origin for day trips by train, tours, and excursions to ancient Macedonian sites, Olympus Mountain, Pelion & Volos, Delphi, and many other places around Greece. There are 3 main ways of getting here: by train, bus, by car, or a combination of these three.

In the section below we have prepared 3 different interactive maps to explore, placing on them all the relevant travel information you will need to better organize your trip to and from Meteora or to other places around Greece. In these different maps for trains, buses, and cars you can click on the routes and points marked to see distances, find departure times, location of train and bus stations, things to see on the way, websites, and contact information of transportation providers.


Explore below the interactive maps of Greece 

Trains are more energy-efficient per passenger mile than planes or cars, making them one of the most eco-friendly transportation. Meteora is a destination connected to Athens and Thessaloniki via train, making it easier to reach Meteora.

It’s always bit confusing to find the proper public bus around Greece simply because every prefecture of Greece has its own private bus company. This bus company for Meteora is known as the KTEL Trikalon. Whenever you see (KTEL) this means that you are dealing with one of many such bus companies around Greece. Check the interactive map for buses you most likely need to organize a bus trip to Meteora and around.

Only a decade ago to travel around Greece by car it will be an adventure on its own. Now days Greece has managed to efficiently connect the different places by overcoming the obstacle of the mountainous terrain through constructing a modern highway system implementing numerous tunnels and gorge bridges. Drivers now can also use GPS to navigate easy from point to point. Check the interactive map to have a first look on the main routes.

Check out how you can reach Meteora by first getting to Athens by train, through one of the many flights offered by Turkish Airlines.

Athens is the capital of Greece and from it, you have plenty of options to reach Meteora. Thanks to the Metro system getting a train to Meteora is most probably the easiest way to go. No matter where you are, there will be a metro station nearby and once you are in there, getting to the train station is easy as pie.

Thessaloniki on the north lies some 230 km away from Kalambaka and Meteora and it takes just 2 ½ hours to travel that distance with busses, trains or with a private car. There are 2 main routes to reach Meteora from Thessaloniki. The first seaside route is via Katerini-Larissa-Trikala (E75 road). The second is through Egnatia road (E90) through Veria-Kozani-Grevena. The E90 route is considered to be easier with a modern highway in most part and an hour shorter in time while the distance remains the same for both available routes.

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