Coffee and Drinks

Coffee and Drinks

Meteora, apart the nature, culture and sightseeing it also provides a reasonable number of clubs, bars, pubs, and cafés for early or late nighttime entertainment to enjoy among the locals a cup of coffee or a cold beer. Check out our list below with the best options you have to get out and have fun at Meteora!

If you decide to explore the amazing Pindos mountains which surround the Meteora area, you should pay a visit to the beautiful Casa di Calo.

The first "Greek Natural Juice & Yoghurt Bar" is here and we invite you to a world of well-being, refreshment and enjoyment.

Melydron Cafe is placed in the most central part of the town next to the Town Hall square where the buses stop to Meteora.

In traditional cafe "Mikas" you can enjoy your coffee, local wine and raki pure accompanied by a variety of snacks which you can enjoy any time of the day.

If you are looking for a place to blend in with Meteora youth then Rapsodia is really the best choice!

The name of that place carries a big legacy and the best memories for almost everyone who belongs to the town’s late generations.

Right on the central square of "Rigas Ferreos", Zenith cafe bar is the ideal place to enjoy your coffee break.

Zithorichio Pub is located in the new town, behind the train station and a visit is enough to become a regular visitor.