Roussanou Monastery

The Holy Monastery of Roussanou has received the name of the first probable hermit who settled on the rock. The main cathedral was founded at the end of the 16th century and was decorated thirty years later.

Compared to other rocks where monasteries were built, the one of Roussanou has a lower elevation, which makes it more accessible. The monastery was initially founded by monks and it suffered severe damage during World War II. It became a convent in 1988.

The beautiful wall-paintings of the Catholicon were executed in 1560, when the priest-monk Arsenios was the abbot of the monastery. The unknown hagiographer seems to have been a very skilful artist and successfully follows the Cretan School style.

Roussanou Monastery

Roussanou Monastery

Visit Roussanou for a different view of the surrounding rocks and adjacent monasteries. Follow the pathway from this monastery to the upper main road and discover an off-the-road spot that allows you to walk on bear rocks! Don’t miss out on this photo opportunity!

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Visiting hours and days:

Please note that the monasterry of Roussanou does not keep a steady program and there might be small changes to the official closing times.

The monastery is open from 09:00 to 14:00.
It is closed on Wednesdays.

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