Pindos Mountains

This is the biggest mountain range of Greece, stretching from the Greek-Albanian borders (NW) to the northern Peloponnese (SE). It is roughly 160 km long (100 miles) and is considered the backbone of mainland Greece.

Geologically speaking, the Pindos mountains are the extension of the European Alps on Greek grounds, as the formation of this volcanic mountain range dates to 65.000.000 years ago. The beautiful mountains of Pindos are morphologically enriched with steep slopes and deep canyons, while four long rivers stem from them (Arachthos, Aoos, Acheloos, Pinios). The Pinios river, flowing by the region of Meteora, is the third longest river of Greece (216 km).

The highest peak of the Pindos mountain range is called Smolikas and its elevation is 2637 m (8651ft). The mountains of Pindos allow for the formation of vast ecological zones such as the Valia Calda National Park, which is a protection zone for rare species of mammals, brown bears, wolves and deers. Vegetation-wise, they are forested with oak, fir, beech and pine.

The monastery is located in the central eastern Pindos, 60 kilometers the west of Kalampaka, next to the road ascending from Kalampaka to Kastania, over the eastern saddle of Pindos.

Pyli is a municipality in the Trikala regional unit, Greece. Situated 18 km west of Trikala, right at the bottom of two mountains Itamos, and Koziakas, which mark the beginning of the Pindos mountainline.

Metsovo is one of the most well-known big traditional villages, located at an elevation of 1.160 m.

Lake Plastira has become one of the most popular destinations throughout the year, where small accommodation units have emerged, welcoming visitors in all seasons.

To this day Elati and Pertouli remain one of the oldest and most beautiful mountain resorts in Greece, where one can find a variaty of accomodation choices and plenty of traditional taverns to suit all needs.

Aspropotamos in Greek literally means the white river and it is the springs of Acheloos river, a mythical god of the ancient times.