Immense, breathtaking rock formations, 'sculpted' by the very hand of God, with high tops conquered by men of strong faith and will, who sought to find the immortal life. No wonder why Meteora is truly a place 'out of this world'…

How could anyone describe this astonishing geological phenomenon, the breathtaking landscape, the awe for man’s achievements in an effort to express his religious drive.

Kalampaka (also spelled Kalambaka or Kalabaka) is a town of 12,000 citizens and is situated on the foot of the most extraordinary Meteora rocks.

Kastraki (meaning 'small castle') is a small, peaceful village which from afar looks like an eagle's nest at the bottom of two gigantic rocks.

A place where legends were born and experiences never come to an end… Castles, ancient sites, byzantine churches, monasteries and beautiful bridges indicate a continuous civilization.