Meteora Pharmacies

Should you ever find yourself in need of a pharmacy at the Meteora region you can go through our pharmacies table and find the one nearest to you using our interactive map of Meteora.

Keep in mind that every day, one of the pharmacies is on duty, meaning that it is open from 8am that day until 8am of the next day.

Pharmacies on duty from 06/02/2017 to 12/02/2017

Monday, 06/02/2017

Kanatas Apostolos - Find it!

Tuesday, 07/02/2017

Kostopoulou Maria - Find it!

Wednesday, 08/02/2017

Mai - Sinani Ioanna - Find it!

Thursday, 09/02/2017

Milioti Eleftheria - Find it!

Friday, 10/02/2017

Michalitsi Evangelia - Find it!

Saturday, 11/02/2017 (All Day)

Papavassiliou Evangelia - Find it!

Saturday, 11/02/2017 (Until 2pm)

Berte - Piniara Adrianne - Find it!

Sunday, 12/02/2017

Papanikolaou Evangelos - Find it!

Kostopoulou Maria
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