Getting to Meteora

Meteora are situated right on the heartland of mainland Greece. Our unique place offers exceptional connectivity and relative short distances to most of Greece’s major population centers, touristic places and transportation hubs.

It’s the ideal place to be used as a point of origin for daily tours and excursions to ancient Macedonian sites, Olympus mountain, Pelion, Skiathos, Delphi and many other places. All those sites are no more than 2 to 3 hours driving distance from Kalambaka town.

Enjoy your stay in Meteora with the best hotel rates of Greece, taste our exceptional local cuisine and seize the chance to explore mainland Greece like never before.


Kalampaka Train Station

Getting to Meteora from Athens

Athens is the capital of Greece and from it, you have plenty of options to reach Meteora. Thanks to the Metro system getting a train to Meteora is most probably the easiest way to go. No matter where you are, there will be a metro station nearby and once you are in there, getting to the train station is easy as pie. Getting a bus to Meteora is a bit more tricky than getting a train. The bus station is located near Kato Patissia (green line) station. Driving to Meteora from Athens is easy with some exceptions. Just make sure you have a gps on board so there is no way of getting lost!


Getting to Meteora from Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki on the north lies some 230 km away from Kalambaka and Meteora and it takes just 2 ½ hours to travel that distance with busses, trains or with a private car. There are 2 main routes to reach Meteora from Thessaloniki. The first seaside route is via Katerini-Larissa-Trikala (E75 road). The second is through Egnatia road (E90) through Veria-Kozani-Grevena. The E90 route is considered to be easier with a modern highway in most part and an hour shorter in time while the distance remains the same for both available routes.


Getting to Meteora from Igoumenitsa

West of Meteora and at a distance of approximately 150 km is the international port of Igoumenitsa with Ferries coming and going to Italy, Patra and Corfu. From Igoumenitsa there aren’t any train services and visitors can reach Meteora and Kalambaka only by busses through Ioannina, or with a private car. It takes 1 ½ hours by car to travel from Igoumenitsa to Meteora via E90 route. With the bus it will take more up to 4 hours depending the time needed for the next available bus from Ioannina to Kalampaka.

Getting to Meteora from Volos

On the East, Volos and Pelion are just 140km away. Volos is the main port of Thessaly especially to those wishing to travel by ferry to Sporades. Near Volos, Aghialos Airport offers plenty of low budget and charter flights connecting Thessaly prefecture with many European destinations at minimum cost.



Athens to Meteora

Athens is the capital of Greece and from it, you have plenty of options to reach Meteora.



Thessaloniki to Meteora

Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece and a major tourist hub all year round. Getting to Meteora from Thessaloniki is easy and you have several options in doing so.



Getting to Meteora By Bus

Meteora, being at the center of Greece, is easily accessible by bus from any major city.



Getting to Meteora by Train

Find here all train schedules to and from Kalampaka and simplify your trip here!



Getting to Meteora by Plane

Get to Meteora by plane by choosing Athens International Airport as your destination! Find all flights and information here, powered by Turkish Airlines!



Interactive Map

Our interactive map of Meteora is something we take great pride of. Here you can find every hotel, restaurant and cafe-bar, as well as all the major landmarks of the area.