To this day Elati and Pertouli remain one of the oldest and most beautiful mountain resorts in Greece, where one can find a variety of accommodation choices and plenty of traditional taverns to suit all needs.

A south Pindos escape

Built on the slopes of Mt Koziakas, the oblong mountain of the southern part of the Pindos, the picturesque villages of Elati and Pertouli are a major attraction of the wider area, not to mention a top winter destination throughout the country.


It is the largest mountainous village of the district of Trikala and the most touristic of them all. If you are into winter sports or relaxation in the midst of the mountain, Elati is the place for you. At a distance of only 34km from the city of Trikala and perched on the slopes of Mt Koziakas at an altitude of 950m, the village offers all the joys and benefits of a mountain holiday.

The gorgeousness of the landscapes all around the village, the scrumptious traditional cuisine of its tavernas, combined with loads of snow in the winter and freshness in the summer, makes Elati a place no less attractive than any famous destination in the Alps.


At 54km from the city of Trikala and 1.090m high on the slopes of Mt Koziakas, Pertouli is one more fascinating village built in an amphitheatre shape among thick woods, green fields and running waters. Once a meeting point for the farmers of the area, it is now a winter destination that stands out for its scenic houses with the red-tiled or stone roofs, its ski resort, and its excellent tourist infrastructure.

Only 5km out of the village, bushes and grass take over the fir forest to form the Pertouli Fields, ran by the river of Petrouliotiko, with a rich fauna and flora residing in and by its meandering water body. Watch horses canter by, cows graze lazily, and deer and roe deer pass by, while you’ll be on your favourite mountain activity or enjoying a picnic by brooks and ponds. It’s these fields you need to cross if you want to get to the refuge “Chatzipetros”, at 1.738m.

Sarakatsanaioi, the nomadic shepherds of the Greek mainland who are originated from all around the Pindos mountain range but may live the world across, meet here on their international annual meeting every May.

Nearby villages

The whole area is full of gorgeous little villages, all rich with traditions and mouthwatering gastronomy. Among them, visit Dessi, Pyrra, and the area of Aspropotamos, where the river Acheloos springs. Doliana is the village with the 18th century monastery of the Holy Cross, known for its 13 domes. Last but not least, don’t forget to visit one of the most important Byzantine monuments throughout the country, the church of Porta Panagia with the famous mosaics of Christ and Virgin Mary. It is situated in the village of Pyli, where one can go through a stone bridge, the second biggest in the whole region of Thessaly. It was built in 1514 and it used to be the only passage from the plain of Thessaly to South Pindos and Arta until fairly recently.

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