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Visit Meteora is a group of travel professionals and local destination experts who have combined their talents, knowledge, resources and travel passion to become the pioneers of Destination Management Company in Meteora Greece.

In 2016 and 2017 Visit Meteora was awarded the golden prize of the Greek Tourism Awards, for its excellence in destination marketing and management of Meteora. Our company offers the most exclusive mixture of enjoyable and memorable travel experiences both in the Meteora region and also around it, ranging from soft adventures and sight-seeing tours to day trips and transfers in one of the most breathtaking places of Greece! We take great pride that all of our tours are highly rated by our customers, proofing our long lasting commitment to excellence in everything we do. Above all, our main goal for the past years is to bring our visitors in touch with the essence of what a Meteora visit is all about: a deeply transformative experience in a natural wonder.

Our tours are all designed and operated by locals with a pristine knowledge of the area exposing to visitors not only the well-known monuments but also the hidden gems of our place. We also offer multiday tours in mainland Greece and some islands: Olympus mountain, Athens, Delphi, Thessaloniki, Volos-Pelion, and the islands are some of the other destinations we offer tailored made travel experiences through our network of partners we have steadily build over the past few years.

Crafting your travel experience – that’s what we love doing

We have created a close-knit group with local partners to make your visit to Meteora an enriching experience. Our tours are innovative and ensure that you get the essence of the place.

Apart from being committed to our customers, we are also committed to Meteora and its environment. Thus, we offer sustainable and responsible tourism services through monitoring our carbon footprint and controlling CO2 emissions.

To satisfy our customers we offer a plethora of services that span across culture tourism, adventure tourism and exploring the nature and wildlife. We tailor make our services to make every customer a happy customer. For that we also have to take care of the safety standards and we don’t deter from that.

Our team of travel experts is trained to understand the requirements of the clients and knowledgeable enough to answer all their queries. Thus, when you visit Meteora with us you not only return with a mind full of grand spectacles but also relevant information that helps you to learn and remember the places more vividly.
We are not afraid to take risks. We are not afraid to invest in people. From employing the best in the industry to providing world class training, we take every measure to make sure that our teammates are well equipped to handle the pressure of the job and make the trips pleasurable for the tourists.

Come and visit Meteora with us. We promise the experience would be life transforming for you.

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